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Privacy Policy

As a provider of healthcare services, we take your privacy very seriously. Both our Web site and our medical practice comply with all federal and state privacy requirements, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

1. Collection and Use of Information

Retinacare collects personally identifiable and health-related information when you use our Web site to schedule an appointment. Specifically, we ask for your first name, last name, telephone number, and e-mail address. We also ask for the diagnostic status of the patient with regard to diabetes and various conditions and symptoms associated with their vision.

The information we collect resides in a secure database. Additionally, the appointment form on our Web site uses 128-bit SSL encryption to protect the transfer of this information into the secure database. We are the sole owner of all personally identifiable information collected through our Web site.

Retinacare uses the information it collects through its appointment form for one purpose: to schedule appointments with those in need of a vitreoretinal exam, and to follow up at a later date with those who don’t need such an exam at the time they first complete the form.

Even if you don’t fill out our appointment form, Retinacare automatically receives and records information on its server logs from your browser including your IP address, cookie information, and the page you requested.

Retinacare uses the information it collects from those browsing its Web site for two general purposes: (a) to better serve the needs and interests of those who visit our site; and (b) to assist our sales and marketing efforts.

2. Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information

Retinacare will never sell or otherwise disclose your name, e-mail address, or any other personally identifiable or health-related information to any third parties except when such disclosure is reasonably necessary to: (a) respond to subpoenas and court orders, or otherwise comply with the law or legal process; (b) protect or defend the rights or property of Retinacare or others; and (c) enable third parties, such as Internet Service Providers, to provide services to Retinacare (these companies do not have any right to use the information beyond what is necessary to assist us).

In the unlikely event that we are required by subpoena or other such legal order to disclose your personal information, we will notify you, and request a nondisclosure agreement or try to obtain a protective order on your behalf before making the requisite disclosure.

3. Cookies

Retinacare may set and access cookies on your computer to better facilitate our understanding of how you and others use our Web site. Read a definition of cookies.

4. Acquisition

Because Retinacare is a medical practice, the possibility of an acquisition by another doctor or medical practice exists. If such an acquisition ever occurs, we will require the acquiring doctor or practice to adhere to our privacy guarantee and our privacy policy with regard to the personally identifiable and health-related information we have collected.

5. Changes to this Privacy Policy

Retinacare may amend this policy from time to time. If we make any substantial changes in the way we use your personal information, we will notify you via e-mail.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please call us at (212) 759-5559.